Do what you can with what you have

For many years, I have made excuses. Excuses for why I cannot do this or cannot commit to that. Most of these excuses, I have come to realize, are just that. Excuses. Two of my biggest excuses were:  “I do not have time to be creative” and “I do not have money to do any projects”. Then I realized, if my passion for art is big enough and my love for it, strong enough, I will stop with the excuses. So, yes, my time is limited, but I make the best of the little time I have. And yes, my budget is tight with two kids and everything else life throws at us, but I find ways to be creative on a frugal budget.

Find Joy

In overcoming the small challenges that stand in the way of my creativity, I have started to be more myself again. One hour of crafting at a time, one finished project at a time. I am slowly but surely blossoming again, feeling positive again, looking forward to events in life again.  With each creative activity I find myself living a better life.

Pay it forward

I want to share with you all my projects and ideas. And in doing so, hopefully inspire you to become the creative person you have always been. My wish for you is to be not only happy, but content, not only occupied, but occupied with the things that matter. And through it all discover a more confident and joyous soul who is inspired by everyday life.

 “Be as simple as you can be. You will be astonished to see how uncomplicated and happy your life can become”. Paramahansa Yogonanda