Looking for some cute and simple Easter crafts to do with your kids? I have gathered some of the simplest and prettiest Easter crafts available out there for you to try. With all of us stuck mostly at home, we have an opportunity to make the most of our time with our kids. And with that an excuse to craft daily. Most kids enjoy cutting, pasting, drawing, painting and basically making anything with their little hands. These Top 20 Easter crafts are really varied, should engage even the toughest toddler and do not need many supplies. Remember to always supervise with any activity.

Top 20 Easter Crafts for Kids:

1. Pop up Easter bunny and chick

Pop up crafts are so much fun. Kids love seeing the little figures jumping up and down and the excitement on their faces are adorable. This is a perfect Easter craft if you have more than one child to keep busy at a time as each child can make their own unique character. The activity here has a bunny and chick, but you can add to these with other characters if you do not want to do Easter related characters.

Found on laughingkidslearn.com


2. Toilet paper printed bunnies

I love it when I can use things that will normally just end up in the rubbish to make something cute with my kids. These Easter bunnies are adorable and easy to make.

Found on diyhsh.com


3. Fork painting Easter chick

Fork painting is fun and simple and even small kids will get the hang of it if assisted. Showing them ways to use everyday items like forks to be creative sparks their creative side.

Found on masandpas.com

4. Pastel bunny black paper resist art

Resist art is so special, because your child has to wait until the very end to see the final result. They particularly getting their hands dirty and then enjoy unveiling the art at the end.

Found on projectswithkids.com


5. Paper plate Easter chick

Most of us have paper plates somewhere in the house and they are so versatile for Easter crafts. With these simple paper plate pop up bunnies, you will soon also fall in love with all the available paper plate crafts out there.

Found on simpleasthatblog

6.Potato Easter stamp

Potato has come along for ages and will always be popular. Kids can practice their fine motor skill and creativity. Be sure to keep safety a high priority when cutting out the stamps.

Found on premeditatedleftovers

7. Kiddies Corner bookmark Easter craft

Some young readers out there? These super cute bookmarks will encourage children of all ages to grab those books and read.

Found on EasypeasyandFun

8. Easter paper wreath

Wreaths look beautiful around Easter time. The vivid colors are just so in line with Spring. With this paper wreath your kids can join in the fun of wreath making and practice those fine motor skills.

Found on resourcefulmama

9. Pom pom Easter egg activity

Kids will love the small motor activity of pinching the pom poms and painting with something other than a brush.

Found on preschoolactivities.us


10. Pop up paper plate Easter bunny

Another pop up craft but using a paper plate this time. The cute zigzag pattern of the plate looks just like a cracked open Easter egg. An activity sure to keep the little ones happy.

Found on artycraftyfun

11. Bunny headband

Most girls love headbands, and even more so making their own. This cute bunny headband is pretty and really simple to make.

Found on iheartcraftythings


12. Bunny slime

Kids love to be grossed out for some reason. This slime recipe is easy and with the cute bunny faces added to the bottle, the perfect keep busy activity for Easter.

Found on thebestideasforkids


13. Paper doilie Easter eggs

These paper doilies create a beautiful floral design when painted. Perfect for Spring time and Easter!


Found on alittlepinchofperfect


14. Egg carton flowers

Do you also look at egg cartons when you throw them out and think :”There must be something we can make with this?”. Well, put them to good use with this beautiful egg carton flower idea.

Found on iheartartsandcrafts


15. Easter cross popsicle sticks

Glue and  decorate. It’s that simple.

Found on happyhomefairy


16. Paper mosaic Easter eggs

Small children could easily tear the different colored paper to glue to the egg shape while older kids would love to cut and glue them into patterns.

Found on thepinterestedparent


17. Fine motor Q-tip eggs

I am such a strong believer in varying the same activity but using different tools and utensils to keep it interesting. Painting with q-tips are ideal to practice those fine motor skill and also ensures that not to much paint is wasted. This is the perfect craft if you are low on paint and other supplies.

Found on lovetheday


18. Bubble wrap Easter egg

Wonderful tactile activity for little ones, but also great end result with the bubble effect on the paper. Play around with different colors and try masking off some sections on the egg for a cool effect.

Found on lovetheday


19. Carrot fingerprint

Most Easter activities focus on bunnies and Easter eggs. This is such a cute idea to add carrots to the mix. Using only a bit of paint on fingertips is also ideal to practice their fine motor skills.

Also from lovetheday


20. Shaving foam eggs

The list would not be complete without cool shaving foam Easter eggs. Fun for children of all ages. The great things about this Easter craft is that you can do it again and again and get different results and designs every time. Mix up the colors and experiment with the design as much as you want.

Found on craftymorning

Enjoy spending some precious time with your kids this Easter. Check out some of my other cool ideas to decorate Easter eggs.

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