Contemporary Copper and White Cement Easter Eggs

With my first attempt at making my own cement Easter eggs, I had so many ideas to decorate them, I could hardly wait to get started. Cement or concrete takes quite long to cure, so while they were setting, I went through tons of ideas in my head and finally settled on this one for the large cement Easter eggs. With large I mean that these two Easter eggs measure roughly 8 inches in height. So, I wanted a plain, but striking design. Read below in detail how I made these two elegant cement eggs.

First up, if you do not know how to make the cement/concrete eggs have a look at this easy cement Easter Egg tutorial.



  • 2 Large Cement Eggs that have been dried and cured for at least 72 hours
  • An old toothbrush or similar
  • A damp cloth
  • White water based paint
  • Copper craft paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Tape (optional)


  1. Brush off any loose cement from the eggs using the brush. Tip: Do this outside as this can be quite messy. I started with this on our dinner table and then moved outside as the loose cement was everywhere. Do not be like me. Start outside.
  2. With the damp cloth wipe the eggs to remove any loose particles completely. Tip: I wiped the cement eggs off twice as there was still some cement dust (yes, that is a thing) after the first round. Let dry completely. Patience is a virtue, especially with cement/concrete projects.
  3. Pour some white paint into a suitable plastic container to make painting a bit easier. Tip: A small plastic container like the ones you get for sauce takeaways are perfect and do not let too much paint go to waste as they are quite small. Have water and the cloth close to clean up any spills.
The white diagonal lines painted on the cement egg


4. Carefully paint the diagonal line with the white paint making sure the line is fairly straight. Tip: Use painter’s tape to make sure they are in fact straight if you do not feel confident in your hand only. Let dry completely. Again, I thought the white paint was dry when I started with the copper only to realize that some spots were still wet. This mixed in with the copper, so I had to redo sections which is not ideal. Wait 5 min longer than you think you should.

5.Apply the copper paint in a diagonal line towards the opposite side of the egg making sure that the lowest parts come together to form a nice V shape. Let dry.


The final result while they were still drying


I am thrilled with how these copper and white cement Easter eggs came out. I cannot wait to style them along with all the other one’s I am making so that I have a one of a kind Easter table display. Do you have any other awesome ideas for decorating your cement eggs? Drop me a message or send me a photo. Happy Easter DIY and crafting. If you enjoyed this one, have a look at these other ideas for decorating cement Easter eggs.13 Gorgeous Cement and Wooden Easter Egg Decorating Ideas


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