With the excitement building up to Christmas day, I am looking for some unique ideas to decorate the Christmas table. I always like to play around with different napkin rings, because they are easy to make and do not take too much time but can spice up the table instantly. Natural Christmas Napkin Rings are my favorite because they are kind to the environment while looking gorgeous.  Here are my favorite DIY Napkin Rings for this Christmas.

1.Wooden bead and fir

The natural texture of wood is just always on trend. You cannot go wrong with this simplistic and elegant design. Wooden beads are widely available at art and bead shops. I like the look of this over sized one, but am sure that if you group some smaller ones together it would also look impeccable. The green fir compliments the wood and white palette perfectly. The beaded rings would also make a good gift.

Wooden bead DIY napkin Ring
Wood, leather and fir used as napkin ring. Found on sofiaclara



2.Hand printed Christmas tree on cloth napkin

With a simple, yet stylish design like this, fabric painting may just make a comeback. Green paint is carefully painted onto a leaf, then printed onto white cloth napkins. Yes, I know this isn’t a napkin ring, but the napkins look beautiful with this crisp and fresh design. A colorful design would look equally as beautiful.

DIY Napkin Painting
Printed tree on a napkin found on pursuitofhome.com

3.Christmas tree napkin ring

If you want to try a simple design that the kids could help with, this one is perfect. You can use any coloured paper (I prefer thin cardboard), some scissors, glue and a pencil to draw the tree design with. Full instructions available by Diane Henkler.

Festive Christmas Tree Napkin Ring
Festive Christmas Tree Napkin Ring found on

4.Wooden Christmas tree cut out

Laser cut trees and all sorts of other festive cut outs are available in most art shops. If you want something unique, many print shops also do laser cutting these days. Tie the cut out together with some fir around the napkin for an elegant table.

Wooden tree DIY napkin ring
Wooden DIY napkin ring found on stylizimoblog.com

5.Fir, clay and some thread

Clay shapes are easy to make and add a personal touch to everyone sitting around the table. Adding your guests names onto the shapes would be extra special. Simple tie the dried shape, some whitewashed fir and some beautiful thread together around the napkin. A clean, fresh look which will leave your guests feeling loved.

Clay and fir napkin ring
DIY Clay napkin ring found on familyholiday.net

6.Red and white sweets with some greenery

Sometimes the simplest idea turns out to be striking as is the case with these cute napkin rings. Use some ribbon if you do not have plain napkin rings to up style, arrange the greenery and sweets onto the ring or ribbon and glue everything neatly in place with a glue gun. Cute as a button!

Sweets DIY Napkin Ring
DIY Napkin Ring made with sweets found on theletteredcottage

7.Floral napkin ring

I must admit, I am not always keen to add so much color to my table, but these napkin rings are adorable. Large metal rings, florist tape, and flowers are all you need for this beauty. Wrap the florist tape around the metal ring section by section making sure the flowers are tightly tied to the ring before moving on the next section. Even your most difficult guest would be impressed with this one.

DIY Floral Napkin Ring
DIY Floral Napkin Ring found on sarahblooms


Wishing you all lots of happy hours decorating and hosting your family this Christmas season.

“He who has not Christmas in his heart, will never find it under a tree”

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