Being a self confessed decluttering addict, it really takes the energy right out of me when I walk into stores and homes alike during the Christmas season and see clutter upon clutter.Coupled with the lack of space in most of our homes, it just makes sense to find better Christmas alternatives to the huge green giant Christmas trees we have come to know. Why not try your hand at these gorgeous ideas for DIY Christmas trees that are easy to put up and easy to take down? They are all flat and can be put up against a wall.

Below are 7 inspiring DIY  Christmas Trees  that don’t take up too much space and are super easy to make

1.Stick DIY Christmas tree

The lights combined with the sticks create such a pleasing visual effect. I am so proud to say that our tree this year is a stick wall tree.


  1. Collect branches and cut into appropriate sizes from long to short
  2. Paint  or varnish
  3. Arrange them flat and start tying them together
  4. Add lights or other decorations if you want
  5. Beautiful, functional, low maintenance and takes up almost zero space.

2.Green fern Minimalist Christmas tree

Minimalist magic. Easy to set up and keeps that natural feel going with the green. Against a white or light backdrop, this absolutely impresses.

3. Driftwood ethnic DIY Christmas tree

A playful yet elegant idea making use of recycled driftwood. I wish I didn’t throw away those pieces that we picked up on previous holidays. But there you go, disadvantages of decluttering. Will just have to wait until we go on a beach holiday again. Glue it to the wall with a good quality adhesive tape or wall mounting tape.

4.Black Painted Christmas Tree

Paint your own on a canvas, large paper or directly on a wall with chalkboard paint. Either way, the stark contrast of the black and white makes for a dramatic look.

5.Wood panel DIY Christmas tree

Definitely a more involved project, but once done, you can save this for year after year. The hearts bring an element of playfulness to the hard wood. If you have a husband keen to help, this would go one-two-three to get done.

6.Book page DIY Christmas tree

What a clever way to recycle old books. The older and yellower your pages are, the better. Pair it with other neutral items for a cosy and warm feel.

7.Monochrome Polaroid DIY Christmas tree

Black and white just always works. The polaroids allow you to personalise this tree with memories from the past year. Extremely easy to set up as well.

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