Tiling grout, very much like concrete is one of the most versatile materials that I have come across in my crafts. You can make almost anything with it. From furniture to decor, the options are really limitless. And when you start to search for ideas on what to make with tile grout, you are overwhelmed at the ingenuity of people. Since I am not an expert in working with this media, I was looking to try out some simple ideas with concrete that would not require too much effort, materials or time. Since I already had some grout left over, I decided to use this instead of concrete. And with 2 toddlers in my midst, we decided to go for a batch of projects in one afternoon. And I must say it works out quite well as you only have to prepare the tile grout once and wash up once which is a big plus in my opinion. Have a look below at how we made these easy and simple ideas with tile grout  in just one afternoon.

So, here are our  6 insanely simple ideas with tile grout:

Cool things you can make with tile grout

  1. Decorative large heart
  2. Coasters
  3. Soap dish
  4. Decorative small hearts
  5. Trivet Hot Pad
  6. Small Door stopper

Just a couple of things to remember:

  1. Tiling grout (like cement) is a chemical and will dry out your skin quickly. Wear some gloves for protection, or if you do not mind too much, make sure to rinse and moisturize your hands thoroughly when you are done. Also be careful when working with the dry grout powder. The dust can get into your lungs.
  2. Grout becomes like rock when dry. This may seem obvious, but if you leave just a bit of it in a container, you will most probably not get it out easily and may end of throwing most of the molds away. Be sure to pick stuff you do not feel sorry for like recycled plastic containers.
  3. Follow the directions on the bag. They are there for a reason and takes the guessing out of the how much water to add.
  4. Kids love to help with any creative project but need adult supervision. Let them join in but be mindful of where and with what you allow them to help.

Materials needed:

  1. Tiling grout – roughly 4 pounds (2kg).We had some left over from another project. We used Alcolin P300 Tile Adhesive but any qood quality grout would suffice.
  2. Bonding Agent like Alcolin Permobond – We had some left over, but the smallest size you get is 1litre. Bonding agent is a sort of an adhesive which holds the grout together tightly once it sets which prevents cracking and acts as a waterproof binder.
  3. Non stick cooking spray
  4. Water
  5. Tools to mix the grout with
  6. Spraypaint and tape to decorate once dry. I used Rustoleum’s copper for this project.
  7. Clear lacquer
  8. Felt to glue to the underside of the coasters and trivets
  9. Contact glue
  10. Various plastic containers to use as molds like:
    • tin lids
    • buckets
    • empty plastic bottles
    • silicone icecube tray
    • silicone heart cake tray


1. Plan and Prepare

Molds prepared with non stick spray
Molds prepared with non stick spray

Prepare your molds. We used a plastic bottle bottom for the doorstop and another bottom for the soap dish. Look out for interesting bottle bottoms that could give a good design for what you have in mind. For my coasters and trivet hot pads I used buckets in different sizes and for the decorative hearts I used silicone trays I have in the kitchen. Once you are happy with your set, spray them on the inside with the non stick cooking spray. I really think this is  why the forms came loose from the molds very easily. It looks gross, but it works.

2. Pour and level:

Molds filled with tile grout

Mix your grout with the recommended amount of water on the pack. Then keep adding a little bit of water and mix thoroughly in between until you get a consistency similar to thick runny ice cream. Once you are happy with the consistency, add some bonding agent. I added roughly a third of a cup to mine. In a spot where you can mess a bit, pack out your molds so that they are steady and begin pouring the grout mixture in them. I poured some of the mixture into a smaller container to make pouring easier. Use a spoon to scoop out some of the mixture if you have smaller corners to fill.

Once all the molds are filled to the desirable level, tap against the sides of the molds to help any bubbles escape that may have formed. Now you can place the molds on a level surface away from dust and rain to allow it enough time to set completely. If you are like me, then you will want to check the molds and the process of setting every couple of hours in the hopes that it would dry sooner.

**Tip:For the coasters and trivets, make sure you pour the molds to the same height so that they are equal in depth. To get this right, measure and mark the height on the mold before pouring.

4. Remove and cure:

Raw unpainted items made with tile grout
The beautiful raw look of the unpainted items. Full of texture


Once your grout is dry, you can remove them carefully from the molds. Some will come out easily while others may require some gentle tapping and shaking to loosen them up. The forms that were in the silicone trays came out in a flash as did the ones in the plastic buckets. The bottles also did not struggle to loosen although the shape that I had the one cut in made it a bit more difficult to get out. I used a utility knife to cut away the last bit of edge of the bottle so that it could come out.

**Tip: Make sure when you cut your bottles that it is the same width or wider at the top than at the bottom to avoid this. Leave them to completely cure for about 24 hours.

5. Paint and seal:

Items made with tile grout
Final products sealed and ready for use

With so many ideas on how to decorate concrete projects, I am sure you have some awesome ideas for decorating your pieces. I used some copper colored spray paint paired with white as I rather liked the contrast that it forms with the dark grey grout. Depending on your style, you can opt for floral patterns, geometric designs or even decoupage them I guess.  I like a minimal look though so I kept them similar. I left the small decorative hearts raw instead of painting them as well. What do you think? I used clear lacquer spray to seal the soapdish. I also added felt to the bottom of the coasters and trivets for protecting surfaces they will be used on.

Your items are now ready for use in and around your home. Now wasn’t that easy? Be sure to try one or all of them and let me know how yours came out. I would love to hear from you. And if you like this ideas with tile grout, there are plenty more other great ideas to be found on my DIY pinterest boards.





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