In my constant search to find natural replacements for the things that I would have normally bought in store, I found some beautiful homemade wreaths which you can make yourself. This will for sure be an activity for some quality time with my oldest daughter The below wreaths are really super budget friendly and gorgeous as Christmas decor. If you like to make your own Christmas decor, check out these DIY natural Christmas ornaments.

1.The mini homemade wreath garland.

It is refreshing to see a variation on the traditional large wreaths. I like to change things up a bit but still maintain that original feel. This is perfect to drape across a white or neutral wall, or across my kitchen window. All you need for this stunner is longish greenery branches, florist tape, white or other light colored twine, scissors. You basically just tie the branches in a circular shape with the florist tape, add some twine bows, and tie them all together.



Mini homemade wreath garland
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2. Plain but pretty grapevine wreath

Grapevine wreaths are actually really cheap. They look great just plain, but they can also be spiced up with some minimalist detail like white ribbon or greenery. This is just a buy-and-display type of option for those of us who are really super busy but who still want some stylish Christmas decor.

Grapevine wreath
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3.Grapevine wreath with fern and mini cones

Use the grapevine wreath above and add some lush greenery in the form of fern, pine branches or whatever you can get your hands on. Tie them to the wreath with florist tape, and glue some mini cones in strategic places or just on one end. For some extra fun, paint the mini cones in a color of your choice. Hang it on a white or light colored wall for dramatic contrast.


Homemade wreath with fern and mini cones
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4. Pine cone homemade wreath

Pick up pine cones, pack them in a circle and glue those babies together with a glue gun. Finish up once it is dry by attaching a string or ribbon to hang it with. This would look really pretty if you whitewash the cones first.

Homemade pine cone wreath
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5. Green and gorgeous leafy wreath

For this idea gather as much lush greenery like fern and pine branches as you can. Try to also collect branches with small cones still attached for some texture and to break the green look. Once you are happy with your collection, take a cardboard and cut a circular shape where you can tie the branches to with florist tape. Make sure to cover the entire cardboard so as not to see any of it sticking out underneath. Hang as normal.

Greenery diy wreath
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So, go on, get out there and look at the cones and branches lying around with a creative eye. The time is now to start with a little project for Christmas. And the above homemade wreaths are so easy to make that you will not have any excuse not to make one.


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