There is no denying that industrial pipe is a must have in any home, garden and garage. Whether you need to clear up some floor space, sort and organise your belongings or display pretty plates, industrial pipe shelving is part of the solution. Industrial look shelving is still very on trend and perfect for practically any room in or outside of the home. Here is a collection of 24 of the coolest DIY Industrial Pipe shelving ideas.

Not only is industrial pipe super durable, but it is practical and fairly easy to install. And with so many suppliers nowadays stocking these pipe pieces, you can pick and choose which type and color pipe to us. Which one is your favourite? Let me know if you try one of these.


1. DIY Industrial pipe towel ladder

A Black clean look on white walls that look superb especially in bathrooms. Design and put together one that is perfect for your bathroom. Or use copper pipe for a sleek and stylish hotel look.

Industrial Pipe Towel Rail
Found on Kirklands


2. DIY Industrial pipe towel rail

I want one! I love wood paired with the crisp look of metal. This medium sized one is ideal for small or guest bathrooms for some extra storage and durable as well.

Industrial pipe bathroom shelf
Idea only found on mybathroomideas

3. Stylish recipe book holder

This ingenious recipe book holder made from copper industrial pipe will make you want to cook up a storm. Perfect weekend project which is easy to make.

Copper -Industrial-Pipe-Recipe-book-holder
Idea found on


4. Wood shelves with DIY industrial pipe support rods

These low key rods are sturdy and easy to install. The light wood creates that ever popular rustic effect. Pair it with neutral colored towels for a winning combination like Ashley from Our Southern Summers have done here

Found on

5. Small bathroom caddy

This one has a lighter grey finish and is smaller. Ideal for showcasing your perfume in the bathroom or ideal as dish towel rail in the kitchen. A very versatile piece indeed.

Found on


6. Rustic counter top rack

Why didn’t I think of that? This is such a simple idea, but looks absolutely stunning. If you love rustic farmhouse decor, this would be the ideal addition to your kitchen.

Industrial pipe counter top stand
Found on

7. W-shaped industrial pipe corner shelves

Sometimes we tend to think of industrial pipe as rigid and boring. With a quirky design like these W corner shelves, you can bring in industrial pipe shelving without the rigid look. The light pipe does well here to accentuate the W shape.

Industrial Pipe corner shelves
Idea only found on


8. Suspended industrial pipe unit

Suspending shelves from the ceiling instead of having them on the floor clears up some nice floor space and looks super modern. Industrial pipe is strong enough to hold heavy loads, so you could add quite a couple of shelves together. Just make sure you secure them properly to the ceiling.

Found on

9. Off centre corner shelves

Not everyone’s cup of tea, I guess, but definitely a unique design. If the asymmetrical look bothers you, try adding the exact pipe structure to the left hand side to balance the shelves. This could also help if you want to create larger corner shelves than this one here.

Found on diymeg


10. Hanging shelves with industrial pipe rod

Instead of using industrial pipe throughout the shelving, make use of other material like the rope here. Install one industrial rod on top and hang a couple of shelves together on the rod. Nothing touching the floor which makes cleaning underneath a breeze. Great rustic look for much less.

Found on diymeg

11. Suspended low shelving

Pretty straight forward idea, but the top pieces of pipe have been extended to make the top shelf a little lower. Perfect if you have tall art pieces which you want to showcase on the top shelf or if you struggle reaching those high shelves.

Found on diymeg


12. Large industrial pipe closet

Can you imagine your closet like this? I can. Having open shelving is ideal for your closet space and with the easy installation and combination of the various types of industrial pipes, you can also try this project. Grab your partner to join in this one if you feel the size of the project is a bit daunting.

Found on


13. Kitchen shelves with industrial pipe rods

Open shelves in kitchens are still very trendy and practical for use and storage. Add a couple in easy to reach areas for quick access of your favorite kitchen items.

Found on diycartel

14. Top and bottom elbow shelves

This shelf with the top and bottom elbow pieces is extra sturdy and will take a good load. Soften the dark industrial metal look with light colored items. Adding some greenery also helps break the hard look.

Found on Amazon


15. Industrial kitchen trolley

Industrial pipe is very versatile but we tend to imagine projects against walls only. This handy trolley could be used to cart around drinks, snacks, or without wheels at the bottom could become a unique butcher’s block.

Found on


16. Hanging pipe laundry room shelf

Paired with wire and wood, these industrial pipe shelves give new meaning to the word contemporary. A stunning laundry with practical space for storing items and hanging clothes.

Found on diycartel

17. Industrial double pipe shelf

Perfect for books or some showpieces of crockery in the kitchen.

Found on rhbabyandchild


18. Single suspended shelf

Simple and extremely practical. Just the thing for a laundry or a guestroom.

Found on pinterest


19. Trendy corner book case

Quirky and unique, this corner bookcase captures the attention of any reader and decor fanatic. Extend this one as long or short as you like.

Found on diycartel

20. Multi shelf unit

For those of you who are keen to tackle a bigger and more involved project. Plan well before attempting to put this one together. Great idea for a focus area that needs some energy.

Found on


21. Simple storage shelves

Solid, on the ground shelves to use as storage for those odds and ends that never seem to have a place. Elegant enough to use as a tv stand as well.

Found on diycartel

22. One of a kind bookshelf

Lighting paired with the actual shelving, this would be ideal if you have a permanent home as the installation requires some effort. Very interesting and unique idea though.

Found on


23. Industrial pipe shelves

Straightforward and practical, this shelf design reeks of minimalism. Perfect for a diy pantry or larger places that require storage like a garage.

Full tutorial available on wellnessmama


24. Shelf with clothes rail

Simple and sophisticated this clothing rail made of industrial pipe and wood is excellent for a guesthouse or spare room with just enough space for a couple of pieces. Also ideal if you have a minimalist wardrobe and only need limited space or perfect to hang out your clothes for work the next day.


Found on
With so many ideas, be sure to tackle at least one of these to make your home just that little bit more modern and contemporary. Industrial pipe will last a lifetime and is easy enough to install. If you like to try your hand at diy stuff for your home, have a look at this DIY cardboard headboard.













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