I have to admit I am not someone who decorates my house for every celebration. It always seems like so much effort just for a day or two. I struggle to see where I will be able to find the time in between tomato sauce in my hair, acting as a referee for my 2 toddler girls and pretending to listen to my husband while my eldest is calling me to come wipe her butt. Instead I prefer to create items and art that could work throughout the year. They should also be projects that don’t take ages to make. My kids visit their grandparents about once a week and I have to make sure to use those hours as effectively as possible. Hearts are not necessarily only suitable to use for Valentines but can look beautiful in regular artwork too. With these elegant and rustic ideas for DIY Heart Art, you can create unique focus areas for Valentines that will also look great all year round.

11 Heartwarming DIY Heart Art Ideas:

1.White wash wood heart with writing

White wash just never goes out of style and creates a rustic piece that you can use inside or outside. For this project, gather pieces of wood, screw them together, whitewash the wood and design and paint your heart and wording. Easy enough but unique and striking.

2. Wooden DIY heart wall art

This coastal inspired piece is so peaceful and serene and will bring calm to any room. Pair it with another piece that mimics the tones in the heart. To make it even more rustic use some sandpaper and grind off more paint or change up the blue hues with different pops of color.

Found on Sandandseagulls.co.uk

11 DIY heart art ideas
Found on SandandSeagulls.co.uk

3. Twig wooden heart decoration

With kids in the house, I always have some gathered twigs and other items. This is putting those collections to good use and looks so pretty.

Found on DiynCrafts.com


4. Wicker heart

Although this heart is made with wicker, normal twigs or driftwood could work just as well. Make sure to use a good quality wood glue that dries to transparent state so that you do not see any glue bulging out underneath the twigs.

Found on Westbarninteriors.co.uk

5. Rustic heart on wood

The chalky effect of this heart on the different colored bars look really great. Stain the horizontal bars first, then add the heart as overlay. Once done, you can also try adding another overlay over the entire piece to create a cool effect, or sand it down a bit to create that weathered look.


Found on Beyondthepicket-fence.com


6. Rustic corrugated sheet heart

If you have access to corrugated sheet and a grinder to cut it, this is a beautiful piece that could double as a gift. For that extra rustic look, use rust paint to bring on the rust effect quicker or make your own rust paint with this cool recipe.

DIY heart art ideas
Found on Remodelandolacasa.com


7. Metal hearts in wooden frame

Framed metal decor combines the warmth of wood with the stark look of metal. For a good combination try to keep to a neutral palette. Rustic to the max. Piouter cut our hearts would also work well if you are not able to cut metal.

DIY heart art ideas
Found on agraceful-life.com

8. String Heart Art

String art always looks so simple to make and with a good tutorial like this one by SKS Props, it actually is. I am in love with the rustic and rough look that the wood panel is adding and the texture of the rope just completes this design superbly.

9. T-shirt heart wreath

Tired of that old red t-shirt? Look no further for this awesome way to upcycle it. Any color t-shirt could work although the red is really striking.

DIY heart art ideas
Found on allfreeholidaycrafts.com


10. Denim heart decoration

Like the above idea, there are so many cool ideas to re-use an old denim. This thin denim wreath is easy to make and would look perfect on  a Christmas tree when the time comes.

DIY heart art ideas
Found on uc.lestudio42.com


11. Denim heart ornaments

No need to be aunt Sally Mae down the road with her sewing machine skills for this one. The rugged and untidy needling makes it look authentic and rustic. Perfect for a focus area and keep them to hang on the tree when Christmas comes around again. If you are into creating your own Christmas ornaments, have a look at these cool DIY ornaments ideas.

DIY heart art ideas
Found on Mydesiredhome.com


Let me know if you tried any of these projects or similar ones. And share with me how you find the time to get to your crafts with kids in tow.


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