Don’t let Valentines blow your entire Keto progress. With these carb smart recipes, you can have a fantastic and tasty Valentines celebration without moving out of ketosis. And your partner won’t even realise with these great recipes. Avoid the temptation altogether by preparing your meals at home this Valentines day. When you are on a keto diet, there are many dishes that you think you no longer may indulge in. With clever work arounds, you can still enjoy many of your favorites. Check out these easy and delicious Valentines Keto Recipes and build your own Valentines menu:

8 Mouthwatering Valentines Keto Recipes:


1. Keto Jalapeno Popper Chicken and Bacon Bites

For those of you out there who enjoy a bit of heat on the tastebuds, this jalapeno popper recipe hits the spot. And the jalapenos assist in increasing your metbolic rate. Bonus!

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2. Keto Bacon Cups

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Bacon works wonders in an appetizer and contains enough healthy fat to fill you up just right. These bacon cups do not leave you still craving for something else so that you can focus on enjoying the romantic time with your partner instead of eyeing the fridge.

3. Keto grilled chicken

What is there not to like about keto chicken? Tender, juicy breasts that no one can say no for with a generous helping of avo salsa added as a bonus. Full recipe video found on gimmedelicious.

Delicious grilled breast topped with avo salsa

4. Keto steak with herbed butter

Who says keto is boring? Entice your Valentine with this mouth watering Keto steak that will leave them wanting more. Full video on


5. Keto creamed spinach

Creamed spinach sounds like a big no no when you are on keto, but prepared correctly like in this recipe you can have this family favorite without the guilt trip. Deliciously savoury and rich it is the perfect side dish with your chicken or meat.

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6. Keto Carrot and Turnip Fries

Just having the word fries on your menu will do wonders for keeping you on track with your Keto ways. These carrot and turnip fries are easy to make and taste delicious. With their pretty colors, they are the ideal side to balance the creamed spinach or other greens you may have on your plate.

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7. Keto cheesecake

I am so grateful that there are people out there who are thinking about people with a love for sweet things like me. With awesome recipes like this one, there really is no excuse to start on your keto journey.

Found on ChocolateCoveredKatie

8. Keto brownies

Super fudgy brownies to delight even non Keto folk . Enjoy this family favorite and impress your partner this Valentines.

Found on ChocolateCoveredKatie


Take your pick from the above to create your own delicious menu for this Valentines. These recipes will soften your heart without adding extra softness to your tummy or bum.



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