The easiest Two Tone DIY basket

Two tone DIY basket tutorial

Sometimes the simplest change on a household item changes the look so dramatically that you fall in love with it all over again. That is what happened when I updated my tired and run down basket with a fresh modern two tone look. This is the easiest two tone DIY basket tutorial that you will come across. It basically did not cost me anything except my time as I had all the items already, but even if you had to buy them, it is super budget friendly.

What you will need for your DIY basket:

  • A sad looking basket, dusted and cleaned
  • Some newspaper
  • Duct tape
  • White spraypaint (or whichever color you prefer)
  • Scissors

Full tutorial for creating a two tone basket in just 3 simple steps


1.Stick and wrap

Stick duct tape to the edge of the newspaper and wrap it around the basket in a straight-ish line. Use a flat surface and edge like a tabletop to stick the tape to the newspaper easier. When you stick the duct tape to the basket, rub the sticky parts onto the basket to reduce the effect of overspray. Also check that none of the basket that you want unpainted is visible once you are done or else you will be left with some odd white pieces on top.

Preparing to spraypaint the basket for a two tone look #diy #twotone #basket #spraypaint #householddIY
Preparing the basket by sticking newspaper to it

2. Paint

Turn the basket upside down on a piece of newspaper. Make sure you are spray painting in an area with good ventilation and away from other items. Spray paint the bottom of the basket that is exposed making sure that you spray from different directions so that there is good coverage. If required apply two coats and let dry in between coats. A useful tip when you are done with spray painting, is to turn the can upside down and keeping your finger on the nozzle spray until no more paint comes out. This way you make sure to remove any paint from the nozzle, which will prevent the nozzle from clogging for next time round.

Spraypainting the basket upside down to create that stunning two tone look
Painting the basket layer by layer

3. Remove the newspaper

Gently remove the newspaper and duct tape from the basket once completely dry so as not to peel away any paint. Turn the basket right side up and decorate or use as you like.

The Final Result of the spraypainted two tone basket. Full tutorial available. #diy #twotone
The final result

I am so impressed with this DIY basket and the fresh new look it is bringing to my living room. It feels like I have bought a new item. At the moment I am using it in our living room to tidy up all the toys that are lying around constantly instead of returning them to the room every time.

DIY Two tone basket used for toy storage
Using my new two tone basket to keep some toys neat

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Some inspiration for all you DIY’ers out there

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