Whether you believe in love or not, with red balloons filing the stores and chocolate hearts tempting us at every corner it is difficult to avoid the Valentines trap. It may be the expectation of romance, love and appreciation from your loved one that keeps us looking forward to Valentines, or the amazing cuisine of a friend’s Valentines dinner. Either way, it gives us the opportunity to show our thanks, love, admiration and appreciation for those around us. While it is not necessary to break the bank to achieve this, some effort goes a long way in making someone feel special. Using photos in DIY gifts make them just that extra special. Below are my 9 TOP Valentines gift ideas for 2020 using photographs.

9 Valentines Gift Ideas using photographs:


1.Instagram Photo Transfer on Pillow

An old favorite, but still super cute and useful. This is the perfect gift if you have a long distance relationship because the pillow doubles as a hug when they need it most. Instagram photos work well for this specific project to create the blocked effect, but an individual photo would also work just as well. Making this yourself is also extremely simple thanks to awesome step by step videos like this by Plaid Crafts.

2. Photo Luggage tag

If your Valentine is a jet setter, this is an ideal gift. Make sure to use photos that are not too personal or weird as they will be seen by many other people at the airports and in flight. A must have item for the fashionistas out there.

Photo found on


3. Romantic Photo puzzle

A Puzzle is so special because it is a gift and an activity in one. You can put the puzzle together as a couple or keep it for another date night which is super useful. Once it is put together, you can frame it as a photo or pack it up to rebuild at some other time. Your kids can also play with the puzzle once Valentines has passed which scores points in my book.

Photo Puzzle by


4. Custom Photo Apron

Is your man or woman a  fabulous foodie?They will adore a custom photo apron. Use any romantic photo of you as a couple, or any other photo that they would equally treasure. And just think, every time they are busy conjuring up a new recipe, they will be reminded of you. as well as probably your local photo print shop offer these cool aprons. You just design and send the photo, they print and you collect or have it delivered.

Photo Apron by

Or to make your own use the same technique as for the pillow case above. Just make sure to get an apron with a plain design which will not interfere with the photo you are adding.

5. The ever popular photo on Canvas

Photo by Bryan Schneider

Canvas prints always look exceptionally good and professional. They are elegant, sturdy and give any wall that personal touch. Group a couple together for a dramatic effect or hang one large one on it’s own. Photos can be printed on canvas at nearly all print shops these days. Still a favorite and popular gift that is not too expensive. Have a look at Canvas Champ’s site for affordable prints that are delivered to your door or visit your nearest print shop.


6. Personalized Photo Phone cover

With cellphones glued to the hips of most people these days, this gift is one of my 2020 favorites. Perfect for young and old and available for most phone types out there. You simply choose your preferred supplier, send them the photo and either have the cover delivered or pick it up. It couldn’t be simpler.  Your loved one will see the photo on a daily basis so be sure to pick one that is of good quality and good taste.

Custom phone cover by


7.Photo Tablet or laptop sleeve

Protection for his beloved laptop or tablet, but just in a super stylish design. A personalized laptop sleeve makes it easy to spot your laptop or tablet lying around and reminds him of you. If he uses the laptop for work be sure that the picture you choose is not unprofessional as he will most likely be showcasing the sleeve all around the office. You wouldn’t want him to be embarrassed.

Sleeve printed by


8. Personalized Photo Playing Cards

Just when I thought playing cards as gifts are starting to become old fashioned, these beautiful photo cards come and revive the idea. Playing cards are useful and perfect for that special date night with your Valentine.


Personalised Playing Cards by Walmart



9. Photo Transfer on Rustic Wood

To add that authentic, rustic look to your home, why not gift your significant other with this photo transfer on wood. You can choose the wood of your choice. If you want something eclectic and super rustic look around for weathered wood pieces like old frames, doors etc. If you prefer a cleaner look, just buy a piece from your local hardware. The technique and full method used here by CraftsUnleashed is one I have tried and I must say it works perfectly. I am in love with the effect it creates.


These Valentines Gift Ideas with photos are a sure way to make Valentines extra special. Which one is your favorite?  Send me your pictures of the ones that you have already tried or just drop me a message.

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