When it comes to Christmas time, I cringe when I see all the plastic and synthetic ornaments that fill the store. I am always looking for some more environmentally friendly decorations to make. Below are my top 10 DIY Natural Christmas Ornaments for this year. For many of the below ideas, you can easily involve your kids. The best part of making these, is that all of them are extremely budget friendly with most that you will be able to make with items in and around your home. And that is just the way I like it! If you like going the DIY and minimalist route for Christmas, please read about my Minimalist Inspired Christmas Trees.

1. DIY Twig stars  Natural Christmas Ornament

Don’t you just love it when something so simple and easy to make creates such a brilliant item to add to your home. Twigs are available everywhere around us, so you can really let your imagination go wild with straight, skew, light, dark and small and large twigs. Using contrasting and modern ribbon like here just makes these stars look so funky and in fashion and good enough for gifting. This one is my favorite pick for DIY Natural Christmas Ornaments this year.

Found on Wonderfuldiy.com

2.Yarn wrapped star Christmas ornament

I am in love with these chunky and textured stars. My favourite  is definitely the melange white with the brown rope, but if you prefer more colour, these could really work in any palette that you prefer. This one is also a very child friendly activity as even smaller kids can get the hang of wrapping twine around a cardboard shape of your choice.

DIY Christmas ornament
Found on livelaughrowe.com

3.Dried Citrus Christmas Ornaments

I have made some of the traditional citrus slices in past years, but thought that these full fruit ornaments could work very well as an alternative. Especially with the smaller citrus fruits like naartjies. They add a nice bit of colour to any neutral tree. These are as easy as 1. Slice in quarters – make sure you slice through the peel, 2. Dry for 24 to 48 hours in low heated oven making sure the slices do not stick together, 3. Separate slices from each other where they have gotten stuck. 4. Add a ribbon or string and Voila!

Homemade Christmas Ornaments
Found on HomeDIT.com

4.Wood slice DIY Christmas ornament

Making wood ornaments always seem like a difficult task since I do not have any wood making tools, but I have to say these easy to make ornaments are perfect. The rustic edges look fantastic and with the combination of the natural wood and white you can never go wrong. A Very sophisticated as well as personalised look. As for the designs on top, whatever you prefer, could work on here. 1. Slice or collect wood, 2. Drill a hole and add string, 3. Paint, decorate or add vinyl sticker

DIY Christmas wooden ornament
Found on Craftaholicsanonymous.net

5.Salt Dough ornaments

I remember making these as a child, do you? With two girls in the house, this is a definite favourite on my to do list with them this Christmas season. The recipe is super easy and you can get really creative with decorating these. Leave them plain for a minimalist look or go over the top with glitter and pom poms, whatever throws your hair back.  There are many cookie templates out there which could work wonderfully for this instead of the star.

A More basic recipe does not exist:

2 Cups Plain Flour, 1 Cup Salt, Up to 1 cup of water (Check the consistency as you add). Knead, press shapes, air dry overnight, then bake at 120 degrees for 3 hours and decorate. For a short recipe on how to make these, watch Shutterfly’s Salt dough recipe

Salt dough Tree Ornaments
Found on JulieBlanner.com

6.Felted Acorns

Mostly I page paste any felt crafts, since I have no idea what I am doing, but since felt is all the range at the moment, I just had to put this one in. Not only is this easy as pie to make (okay, I wouldn’t say pie is always easy to make, but you catch my drift). The instructions for these cute and fluffy Christmas ornaments are very practical and easy to follow. And the end product is stunning. I love how the white of the felt compliments the natural acorn hoods. My kids could help me gather these acorns which is an extra bonus.

Found on Rootsy.org

7.Felt ornaments

If I am going to try my hand at making felt items, I might as well try this one. I cannot get over how stunning these look. Sophisticated and classy enough to give away as presents for a teacher or friend, but with them looking so gorgeous, I will find it difficult to give them away. The neutral palette of the felt combined with the wood is always a winner in my books.

Found on HomeFortheHarvest.com

8.Twine Balls

Having made these before with normal twine, I was curious to read the instructions for these, because my first try failed dismally. The glue did not dry hard enough, so the entire ball ended up in one crumbling gooey mess. Having read these instructions, it makes sense that the key is to let them dry for a good 48 hours, something which I avoided because of my impatient artist temperament. If I can convince myself to leave them for the full period to dry, they would look really superb, not just as Christmas tree ornaments, but just hanging them somewhere.

Found on ThinkingCloset.com

9.Clothes Pin Stars

An old favourite and really easy to put together. Glue and pegs are all you need. You can play around with the type and colour of pegs available, but I prefer the wood ones pictured below as they give me that natural look which I just love. Using the metal springs to make additional smaller stars are an excellent way to make sure no unnecessary things end up in your trash. The wood and metal creates a unique contrast which you do not see everyday. These would like good against a stark white wall, or hung from a green or natural tree. Easy steps to follow: 1. Dismantle clothes pins (large and small), 2. Arrange them into  a  star as below, 3. Glue them together with wood glue and let dry, 4. Varnish or decorate

Found on Pinterest

10.Bark Star Ornaments

Another lie-around item that you and the kids can collect on a walk out. These have a very chunky look, but I am sure that any type of bark could work well here. Choose a shape for the cardboard underneath that would be easy to fill and cover with your desired bark. Glue with good quality wood glue and be sure to make the shape big enough so that you do not struggle to get to all the corners. Textured, too cute and ready for your tree!

DIY Christmas Bark ornament
Found on deavita.net


Hope that the above DIY Natural Christmas ornaments have given you some inspiration to go and make some this year!  Happy crafting!

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