The way we are decorating Easter eggs have really come a long way. Gone are the days where we only decorate actual eggs with some paint (although that is always fun too), but welcome to the contemporary visionaries who have turned this Easter activity into something classy, memorable and inspiring. I am so excited about this Easter and have seen some amazing ideas for Easter Egg decorating. I hope that these 13 Cement and Wood Easter Egg Decorating Ideas will inspire you and help you push your own creative boundaries this Easter.

13 Gorgeous Cement and Wooden Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

First up, if you cannot get your hands on bought cement eggs, don’t worry, they are really very easy to make. The only difficult part is waiting for them to dry.  A simple tutorial on how to make your cement Easter eggs can  be found on  LifeisaParty’s site.

Found on Lifeisaparty

So, let’s jump into the first 4 gorgeous ideas.


1.Color them with latex paint

The subtle hues of these cement Easter eggs are low key and perfect to add as decoration. Go for pastel colors to create a soft palette.

Full tutorial available on


2. Add gold leaf patches

The patchy look of the gold leaf seems so authentic and rustic, I love it. The raw cement Easter egg underneath compliments the luxurious gold leaf extremely well. Try this with copper or silver leaf as well and in different designs.

Full tutorial available


3. Paint the bottoms with metal paint

Metal paint colors pair up perfectly with the cold cement look. It adds some luxury and style to what could easily be a boring item. Display them together to create a stunning focus area for Easter. Also, with these, there is no need to paint them in a perfectly straight line. I rather prefer the hand painted look. But, I guess you can also tape them to form a straight line.

Idea only found on


4. Dipped paint

These eggs are natural eggs, but dipping cement eggs would work really well and the dipping effect looks stunning. Stick to earthy colors to get a natural theme going for Easter.

Full tutorial for dipping normal eggs found on



5. Color Undercoat with Gold leaf Overlay

Lily Ardor is just genius with this idea. The contemporary decorated Easter eggs with the pastel and gold leaf look stunning together. These eggs are made with clay, but cement eggs decorated this way will look great too. Play with lines and designs on paper first before putting it on the egg to make sure you are happy with the look.


Full tutorial for clay eggs found on


6.Natural with stamps

Placing words on Easter eggs with a plain text look rustic and earthy. Try adding names of the persons you will be inviting, or words that you associate with Easter.

Full tutorial found on VintagewithLaces


7.Copper paint on raw cement eggs

Tape off the cement Easter eggs in diagonal lines and pain them with any color metal paint. The whiter cement used here looks eggceptional with the copper.

Full tutorial available on


8. Black and gold Easter

Okay, so these eggs are not made from cement, but the idea, although a bit unusual could work well for cement eggs. Paint them black and then add either gold leaf or paint. Very stylish and mature look for a stunning alternative Easter table.

Idea only found on Oleanderandpalm


9. White patterns on raw cement

This is an easy idea to make yourself. Some white paint and cement eggs are all you need for this one. Paint some fun lacey designs on the eggs. The white and cement look great on the green moss.

Full tutorial available on



10. Stained wooden eggs

One of my absolute favourites.  There is so much that you can do with wood stain, the possibilities are really endless. Keep it simple like Chris and Julia have done here, or paint some pretty designs with the stain.

Full tutorial on

11 Dip dyed wooden eggs

White is always a winner. Any color could work, but these just seem so stylish and will always be in fashion. Dip them all in different ways to spice up the collection.

Full tutorial available on KaleyAnn

12 Speckled Easter egg

Inspiration from nature. Paint the entire egg in one soft color, then using some paint and a toothbrush, splatter the paint over the eggs to create the speckled effect.

Found on JustalittleCreativity

13 Gold leaf and white Easter eggs

Pair up the gold leaf Easter egg decoration with plain white designs. The wood, gold and white is stunning combination and easy to do.


Found on

Will you try one of these awesome ideas?  Let me know how it turns out, and if you have the time, pin the image you like to your Pinterest board so you have access to it later. Coming soon is my tutorial on Cement Candle Eggs for another great Easter Craft.



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