Kraft Paper Gift wrapping Ideas

With special occasions around every corner, there are so many pins flying around on Kraft paper gift wrapping ideas. I have come across some amazing ideas which you can try out. Not only is brown Kraft paper plain and pretty, but it is a lot more environmentally friendly and combined with stark colors like white and black and some greenery they really make any gift come alive.

Here are my top 10 picks for Kraft paper gift wrapping that are easy to make and look stunning. I am transitioning to going green for the Christmas season and these Kraft paper ideas fit in really well with this lifestyle change.

Cool Ideas for wrapping gifts with Kraft Paper

1.Kraft paper and greenery

Make the brown paper jump to life by adding some greenery. The brown and green palette makes for a very stylish, neutral and earthy look.  I love the simplicity of this idea because there is little prepping involved with this one.

2.Kraft paper and lace

With so many lace patterns, the possibilities here are endless. Make use of those paper doilies that are lying in your kitchen drawer or use leftover lace from a sewing project.  Coupling it with correction fluid patterns adds a bit of fun to the look which makes this suitable for adult or children’s gifts.

3. Ribbon and fern

Who does not have some ribbon lying in a drawer left over from a gift that you have received? An easy way to reuse and decorate the plain look of the brown paper.

4. Twine and black

When it comes to understatement, this is one of the best ideas I have seen. The absolute clean and simple look for some reason just overwhelms me in its beauty. No frills, no fuss and pleasing to the eye of any receiver.

5.Black accent

You can never go wrong with black and that is exactly why I am doing black on Kraft Paper gift wrapping this year. Sophisticated, stylish, and simple with little preparation and making time. I love how the black compliments the brown paper without looking over the top.

6.White accent

White on brown is such a fresh vibrant look that is always on trend. Pair it with collected twigs, acorns, and twine to really play up that earthy palette.

7.Black and white images

If you have some old pictures lying around and do not know what to do with them, consider gifting them as well by adding them on top of the gifts. If the gift is for grandma, add picture of grandma and your child on the gift to give it that special touch. For another idea, layer photos of similar kind (like a day at the park) together to create a unique collage for the gift receiver.

8.Pops of color

If you are not keen for the neutral color palettes of the above ideas, why not have some fun with gift wrapping by adding some colorful items to the gift. Finally making use of those old Christmas tree ornaments or never-used fabric and wool is a perfect motivator to start with this project.

9.Quirky animals

Any child would love to receive a fun animal themed gift. Use a balloon as the elephant’s trunk for a quirky and useful gift wrapping idea or add ears to create a dog or cat. Have fun with this one.

10.Red and white

I don’t know why, but nothing says Christmas quite like red and white gift wrapping. Add some greenery or a splash of black to the mix and you have got a stunning combination. It is a lot more pleasing to open a gift that has been wrapped beautifully and thoughtfully and the below is an example of just that. The idea of using straws to create stars is ingenious  and will suit adult and kids alike.

Kraft Paper Gift Wrapping

Have any other great ideas with Kraft paper or are you into DIY Christmas crafts like making your very own DIY Christmas tree? Send me some pictures or check out my Pinterest boards for more awesome inspiration.

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